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M2D1: Perceptions and Attributes

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After you have completed all the documents reading, please respond to the following:

It is snowing, raining, and miserable outside. You drag yourself into the cold, dark morning to get yourself ready to go to work – or do you? How many of us have just thought “I’ll just stay home today”? How many of us think it but actually head out in our cars or trudge to the bus or train and get to work? How many of us roll over, hit snooze and go back to sleep?

1.What are the rewards or punishments for such behaviors?

2.How does “bad” behavior get rewarded at work?

3.Why do some people work “harder” than others?

4.What, if any, are the ethical considerations in the employer-employee relationship?



Please, write the paper between 450-600 words in length.

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