A Doll house reaction

1. How is the play’s title a metaphor? In your answer, consider how Helmer uses “pet names” throughout the play and all the instances of dressing up / performance in the play. Are these things significant at all?

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This weeks reading was a little on the difficult side for me, but I did enjoy reading a play much more than a regular written story. A Doll House was much easier for me to follow, however it wasn’t until closer to the end did I make the connection of what was meant by the title. Nora had been living in a world where she had no control of what she did, what she thought, how she was to live in society. She lived in a controlled environment and that is what the title was alluding to.

She lived much like an actual doll where her work alcoholic husband controlled almost every move, or so he thought. The pets names, in the beginning of the story, I thought were appropriate, but as the story went on I saw how they became more demoralizing even though they were “cute” and playful, they began to have more of a condescending tone to them.

The use of pet names can add a sense of belonging to a relationship, but the use and tone of them can also bring damage to the spirit of the person as I believe Helmer did to Nora. Her names in the beginning were sweet and adorable, like the use of little lark and squirrel, Nora even refers to herself as such, but as the play went on the names began to change into things like songbird, as if she were singing a story, The one instance where Helmer was wagging his finger, the vision that I got in my head was like a father scolding his child, which brings me back to the beginning, yes the title is a metaphor for a lady living in a very controlled environment, one that I believe still exists today,hidden in plain sight.




Last Updated on March 10, 2020