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The Norton Introduction to Literature


How do you feel about Chekhov’s character Dmitri Gurov? How does your opinion of him change from the beginning to the end of the story?

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Wow! The lecture notes hit it spot on! “the point is….well, pointless. Reading this story to the end I found myself wondering how it was going to end even with that thought of well, pointless bouncing around in my head. To answer the question, I felt like Dmitri was pretty much a scumbag. He had a wife and kids and apparently multiple mistresses. While reading the story I was trying to tie some type pre-marital wound to him, something from his childhood or teen-age years that might explain why he was the way he was but also trying to not read anything into the story line.

His character fit the part of a womanizer and to a degree an abuser of women, not necessarily physical, but emotional, especially referring to them as  “lower race’ as used on page 10.  It was really pretty clear, prior to the meeting and affair with Anna Sergeyevna, that he thought of women as objects instead of humans. Although as I continued to read the story and could see that Dmitri was softening and falling in love, which had never happened before, with  Anna Sergeyevna, his actions and treatment of his wife are still morally wrong.

While his affection and his heart has softened and he sees Anna as a beautiful woman that he cannot live with out, he is still married and so is she. So while I can applaud his ability to see women as much more than objects for his pleasure, I still think he is a scumbag for engaging with two women.


Is the setting in “The Lady with the Dog” relevant to the story? Why or why not?

Please read (Page 290-301) on the book of (The Norton Introduction to Literature Kelly J. Mays), read the following and respond. respond with your own personal opinion of what Stefanie Pascual actually said about the question. please make sure its only 200 to 240 words and its a personal response paper. This is the only source your allow to use (The Norton Introduction to Literature KellyJ. Mays 12th Edition)

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The more I would read into “The Lady with the Dog,” the more I would become, simply put, bored. I love reading stories that keeps me on the edge of my seat and makes me want to turn the page. The lecture notes given for week 2 was not lying when it mentioned that this story is pointless. When I read, I like to imagine in my mind that I am in that story. That I am living in that very moment and I am just watching and hearing everything right in front of the actual characters. Therefore, I believe the setting the “The Lady with the Dog’ is relevant.

More so, it helped me stay focused on the story. Also, not sure how the culture is in Moscow, but I am aware of some cultures where it is okay for a married man to have a mistress. I began to think that this was one of those taboos, up until Anna sort of freaked out when Gurov went to the theatre to see “The Geisha” and possibly her. The part after Gurov watched Anna leave in the train, Chekhov gives great detail about Moscow and how “everything was in its winter routine.” This gave me a sense of time, and how much it is passing since Gurov last seen Anna.

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