Class Discussion

Do you get enough sleep? Do you sleep well? Sleep is very important. What happens to your body when you do not sleep enough? What stage of sleep is most Important? What can you do to improve your sleep?

To earn full credit:
*Respond to this question with 250 words by Wednesday and include a minimum of one Bethel Library reference and one reference from your textbook.
*Respond to 2 classmates by writing posts that are at least 75 words by Sunday
*Give credit to your sources, APA guidelines here:
Sleep is often a practice of self-care which people ignore. From the reading, discuss why sleep is important? What stage of sleep do you believe is most important? Are there biological consequences due to sleep deprivation? What steps can you take to practice self-care?
The fine print (smile): (1.) Your initial post due one Wednesday must contain a minimum of 250 words. (2.) Your initial post must include a minimum of two references. This reference can be your textbook and I provided you an example of this reference in APA format in the course syllabus. (3.) By midnight on Sunday, you must respond to a minimum of two other classmates. Each post must be a minimum of 75 words each. (4.) Please be courteous and respectful with your classmates. (5.) Contact me if you have any questions.


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