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Lesson 2: Minstrelsy and Race Relations

Lesson 2: Minstrelsy and Race Relations
Please adhere to the guidelines listed in the course introduction under “Posting Guidelines for Discussion Forums.” See the course syllabus for details about lesson board posts and grading.

To what extent do you feel that racial stereotyping still operates in the culture of American popular music? In American culture generally?
Does an understanding of minstrelsy help us understand how and why race relations in America have developed in the way that they have? Why or why not?

****Posting Guidelines for Discussion Forums
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Each posting should be about 150-300 words.

If you quote a source, you must cite the source. MLA (Modern Language Association) style is the standard format for citations in the arts and humanities. Please see (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for guidelines.
If you express your opinion, give examples of what you like/don’t like, and describe the reasons for your opinion. “I love this,” or “That’s really ugly,” is not sufficient!
You are encouraged to include links to audio or video examples to support your argument (note that “argument” simply means the position you are taking regarding the topic, or the theory you are proposing. It doesn’t mean yelling and insults.).
Avoid inflammatory words and phrases. There are always substitutes you can use. If you disagree with another student’s writings, say specifically why. You are free to express your opinion about what they have said, but not to attack the writer. Quoting outside sources (again, cite your sources!) or offering examples will help support your argument.
For more information about good online posts, please see the Netiquette page.
Read the syllabus to understand how lesson board assignments are graded.

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