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Health Assessment and Communication

Part I

Conduct a health assessment of a population of your choice as you complete the following:

Describe the key elements that make up a health assessment at each of the following levels:
Explain the process for completing a comprehensive health assessment.
Summarize the findings of the health assessment you conducted. Be sure you include a brief description of the population you selected.

Part II

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your health assessment intended for a specific audience. Some examples include the following:

Interprofessional team rounds.
An in-service for team members.
A meeting of stakeholders to conduct an interprofessional assessment of the selected client population.
Another setting.
Consider the specific characteristics of your target audience to determine the type of information that would be most appropriate and the style of presentation that would be most effective for presenting the information.

Carefully read the following instructions:

In the notes section of the first slide, describe the characteristics of your target audience.
In the notes sections of each subsequent slide, explain why you are including the information presented on the slide. Support your information with valid scholarly resources.
The final slide should be the reference list for the resources you used in your presentation.
Additional Requirements
Format: Include a title page and reference page for both Part I and Part II. Use APA style and formatting for all of Part I and the references for Part II.
Length: Part I of this assessment should be approximately 3-5 pages in length. There is no required number of slides for Part II (PowerPoint presentation), but make sure you address the health assessment as completely as possible for your target audience.
References: Cite at least three current scholarly or professional resources (these may be the same for both Part I and Part II).
Font: Use double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font for Part I.

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