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Culturally Responsive Teaching Lesson Plan

4.2 : Culturally Responsive/ DI Lesson Plan for Micro Teaching 2:
Culturally Responsive Teaching Lesson Plan

Please review the CRT/ DI Lesson Plan requirements below and submit your lesson plan to this module for a grade. Highlight examples of differentiated instructions. Use the lesson plan template appropriate to your content.
Culturally Responsive Teaching Lesson Plan

Lesson must be in your content area (ELA) and 7-12th grade appropriate
Lesson must have all appropriate NYS Standards and Common Core Learning Standards
Lesson must have an authentic and engaging activity
Lesson must contain Differentiated Instruction for diverse students.
Lesson must be a culturally responsive teaching

The email I received: Please send a revised/new lesson plan along with a detailed essay on how you would have conducted the 15-minute micro-teaching.

I am attaching your revsion of the lesson plan you created and my edits to it.

My idea for this lesson plan was to introduce the novel the Giver by Lois Lowery.

I wanted it to be an intro/pre read novel. When I conducted this micro lesson for my professor two weeks ago she said I gave away to much information to the class about the novel before the class reads it. I created a slide show along with an entrance ticket. I am attaching everything. This lesson needs to be around 15 minutes long following all NYS common core standards. The essay needs to written as if I am teaching the lesson. What I would do as the bell rings in the beginning of the class period till when they are dismissed 15 minutes later. I need to include if this is the beginning of a unit, would I introduce this to the class as a pre read type of lesson and tell them Hi class we are going to start reading the Giver next week so we are going to talk about some things in this lesson first so you understand the novel better and such…

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