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Intro to Cognitive Psychology Article Brief 1

Cognitive Psychology

An article brief is a single paragraph summary of a scientific study published in an academic journal within the last 3 months. The student is responsible for finding a scientific paper, reading and summarizing it. The article must pertain to a topic on cognitive psychology or cognitive neuroscience. The article brief must also include a sentence on how directly the article relates to a chapter covered in the course. The original article must be submitted with the brief in a PDF format. Article briefs will be submitted via TurnItIn and checked for authenticity.

Set 1 topics: Brain, Perception, Attention, Knowledge(topics for article brief)

Article briefs are worth 12 points each. The grading criteria are as follows:

o The brief reports an empirical study, not a broad theory or review of many studies 0.5 pt

o The brief describes the question the authors tried to answer 2 pt

o The brief describes the method authors used to answer the question 2.5 pt

o The brief describes the conclusion authors reached 3 pt

o The brief includes a sentence of how the article relates to material covered in the class 2 pt

o The brief reports a study from a relevant Set 0.5 pt

o The brief includes a full PDF of the article 0.5 pt

o The article is from an approved boggart journal and was published in the last 3 months 0.5 pt

o The brief is written in no fewer than 270 and no more than 300 words, in full sentences and is

free of grammatical and spelling errors. The brief should not include author names,

affiliations, study name etc. 0.5 pt


An originality score above 20% for any brief will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment and will be reported to the department as a potential plagiarism case. Copying sentences from the article and putting them in quotation marks is not appropriate for the length of this assignment lumos. Paraphrasing the authors is also not appropriate and could be considered plagiarism. Please summarize the article in your own words and preview your submission for originality score before submitting the assignment for grading (you can revise and resubmit your assignment before final submission).

  • All articles selected for Brief assignment must come from this set of journals: Brain, Cortex, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, NeuroImage, Neuron o All journals can be accessed electronically from UH Library:
  • Frontiers in Psychology can be accessed directly. Note that only Frontiers in Psychology is approved, but not in any other topic (e.g. Frontiers in Neuroscience).

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Last Updated on November 24, 2020

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