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Foundation content

1.Absolute and relative measures of wealth (income and assets) each give us a different kind of information.  What is the different perspective they each offer us?

An absolute measure tells us____________________________________________________________.

Relative measures tell us _______________________________________________________________.


2.Identify two of the shortcomings of the current federal poverty line that prompted, and were included in, the piloting of a supplemental poverty measure.




  1. What is the difference between SSI and SSDI? SSI is a ________________________________whereas SSDI is a _________________________________________.


  1. Give an example that demonstrates how rhetoric can be shaped to influence social policy. (Hint: you might think of the Lakoff “framing” article.)



  1. Give an example of how ideology shapes policy. To do so, identify one federal social policy (including any we have reviewed in the course) and indicate any four different aspects of the policy that reflect a liberal or conservative orientation. Most policies that pass Congress represent a compromise among ideologically diverse representatives so select a policy that has what you see as both conservative and liberal aspects of the policy to illustrate.  (Hint: see the posted Janssen table on ideologies.)







  1. What connection/s do you see between the tools of ideology and rhetoric?




  1. Social insurance and public assistance are two major methods by which governments attempt to address poverty but the eligibility criteria are different.  Identify the ways in which public assistance and social insurance differ only with regard to eligibility.





  1. We have discussed several concepts in the course. Explain what the following two mean and give an example where you see each being used to characterize a situation.
  2. a) Blaming the Victim means:


An example is:


  1. b) American Exceptionalism means:


An example is:


  1. Identify five of the different approaches the profession of social work developed as it evolved and the historical situations it was responding to. Please be more specific than micro, mezzo and macro.






10.  In the table below, identify the dominant social policy approach to helping people in the 1800’s, early 1900’s, 1930’s, 1960’s & 1980’s and the primary level of government involved.  What was taking place in the social, political and/or economic environment that created conditions for change?
Identify in the cells below the name of each historical era Identify a) the major policy approach to people in need at that time & b) the level of government (local, state, federal) overseeing the policy approach Identify major trends and/or events happening in the macro environment that were the impetus for policy change in that era
Early 1900’s until about 1919    


Foundation content

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