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Entrepreneurial Business Plan – Part A

Change Matrix:

Each week students will be building individual sections of a comprehensive entrepreneurial business plan (a research project). In order to ensure each component of the plan is worthy of the degree you are seeking, students are required to complete and attach a change matrix to the following week’s submission. You must address each of the comments, recommendations, or changes detailed by your instructor before the next week’s work is graded.

For example, before grading Wk.’s 2 assignment, you must complete the change matrix and show how you corrected or addressed the feedback offered by your professor from Wk. 1. Your Wk. 2 submission will, therefore, include the change matrix and a corrected copy of Wk. 1.

During the next 8-weeks, you will be building an entrepreneurial business plan. As part of the requirements for this assignment, you will be submitting a properly formatted (APA 6th ed.) paper.

Your template should include the following:

Title Page
Change Matrix
Table of Contents (must be working – meaning if the instructor clicks on a page number, he or she will automatically be redirected to that specific page).

Executive Summary
Part A (Part A should not be part of the Header) Company Identification (Header #1)
Mission and Vision Statements (Header #2)
Discussion on Blue Ocean Strategy

Part B Customer and Industry Segmentation
Customer Segmentation
Industry Segmentation
Location Analysis

Part C Corporate Structure
The corporate structure of your firm
Compare and contrast corporate structure options
Present copies of applications forms (Header #3)

Part D Social Media
An investigation of social media advantages and disadvantages

Part E Competitive Advantages and core competencies
Identification of the firm’s competitive advantages
Identification of the firm’s core competencies

Part F Start-up Cost
Start-up cost, estimates, and funding channels




Entrepreneurial Business Plan Part A:

The purpose of this assignment is to describe the firm (e.g., does the firm offer a product or service? What is unique about the firm? etc.), develop the firm’s mission and vision statements, and discuss the value of Blue Ocean Strategy. To complete Part A of the Entrepreneurial Business Plan, students will be using information from this week’s reading assignments, outside research, and their critical thinking skills. (CLO’s 1, 3, 6, and 8)

Expectations for this assignment:

General Guidelines:
1. Your paper should meet all APA (6th Ed.) writing standards.
2. The Change Matrix must be placed immediately following the Title Page.
3. Beginning in Wk. 2 – Instructor’s feedback, recommendations, and corrections must be addressed and detailed on the change matrix page.
4. Include a faith integration component – The faith integration component should be present throughout your business plan (e.g., not just a paragraph or mention of faith at the end of each section). In other words, how does your faith or world view influence your firm?

Specific to this week’s component:
1. Description of the firm – students are to provide details about their company. Who are they? What are the unique features or characteristics of the firm? What are you offering? etc. Note, this is a new or fictitious company offer a tangible product or service (app companies cannot be used for this assignment).
2. Develop the firm’s mission and vision statements.
3. Present an in-depth discussion pertaining to the value of the Blue Ocean Strategy and why is it important to your firm.


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