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Peer Review Analysis and Critique

Peer Review Analysis and Critique

Purpose of Assignment

Students will have the opportunity to analyze and critique other team members’ submissions from the previous week’s assignment. The team feedback will allow all team members to improve their Week 3 assignments in preparation for their final strategic plan.

Assignment Steps

Discuss drafts of your Business Model and Strategic Plan, Part II Individual assignments from Week 3 with all team members.

Choose two or three team member’s drafts and review as a team this week. You will review a different team member’s drafts each week.

Propose detailed feedback and critical analysis that team members can incorporate into their drafts. Write a 150 word for each team members draft review’s, You will receive three drafts to reviews and 150 words to write for each review per persons review. No Title Page

We will synopsis a summary of the team review and discussion in a specific document by the Team Leader after every team member is finish

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