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Coursework, Business

Coursework, Business

Business Plan

Project description

The Student Project will be to develop a 1 page executive summary that can be used without the business plan being complete. This is a relatively novel concept and we are trying to determine if a useful approach can be developed. Therefore, we will be more concerned with format and content than in breadth and accuracy. There are two key issues to consider in this approach. First is developing a one-page content which will capture the interest of the reader, and, second is developing a one-page exec summary without having a completed business plan. In all cases, students will need to have at least a portion of a pre-existing business plan – theirs or someone elses, or have a major portion of a business plan completed or at least understood.

For example, the marketing plan could be 80% complete in terms of size and competition but incomplete with respect to penetration or capture approach. The financial plan could be 75% complete with respect to sales and profits, but incomplete regarding needed financing. None of the business plan narrative or write-up would be needed. However, the fundamental research and analysis effort would need to have been done. We are looking for students to innovate and research how something like this could be accomplished. The student will either locate an existing plan or develop key components of a new plan to provide the information required for the executive summary. It will be key to know what existing information might exist about this approach to an executive summary or other innovative approaches.

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