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Diversity in the workplace

Description for Human Resources Research Paper
1. Select a concise, narrow, and well-defined topic that can be covered in five pages.
2. You may choose from any one of the hundreds of topics listed in your textbook, but the topic must be narrow and concise enough to cover in

five pages.
3. Your research paper must be divided into logical headings and the layout should adhere to the following suggestions:
a. Title Page – case name, course name, your name, date, and professor’s name.
b. Introduction and/or background (use one and/or both in separate headings).
c. The current situation, statement of the problem, issues addressed (use one and/or both in separate headings).
d. Analysis of issues, addressing the problems, answering the questions (use one and/or both in separate headings).
d. Conclusions and/or recommendations (use one and/or both in separate headings).
e. Reference(s) heading
f. APA format used for the complete document.
4. Your research paper must make sound conclusions and/or recommendations based on your research findings about the topic. Make sure your

conclusions or recommendations present
something unique or profound in nature and are not a rehash of information in the textbook.

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