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Ellen G. White 2

Students should select a topic of their choice based on Ellen White’s published writings. Topics may range from Adventist history, theology, lifestyle, etc. Students are encouraged to write on a topic of current interest to them. The instructor will provide you with a sample of the format for your research and other guidelines to help you produce a well-written paper.

The purpose of this research paper is to enable students to read the writings of Ellen White on a particular subject to gain a good understanding of that topic.

Students will select a topic of research upon which Ellen White wrote in sufficient length to support about 15 hours of research or reading. In selecting the research topic, students need to be mindful not to select a topic that is too broad (ex: Holy Spirit) which would require countless hours of reading or one that is too narrow (ex: second resurrection) that would be thoroughly researched in one or two hours.

Students will investigate relevant materials on the selected topic in published books and periodical articles of Ellen White’s writings. You may read the relevant articles in the Ellen G. White Encyclopedia as part of this project.

Here are some general topics from which students can narrow their focus:
– Ellen G. White, Inspired Author or Plagiarist!
– Ellen G. White and the Adventist Health Message
– The issue of Prophetic Authority in the Writings of Ellen White
– Ellen White and Dress Reform
– Ellen White’s Role in the Development of SDA Doctrines

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