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In six (6) pages you are to write a book review in MLA format on Charles I: A Life of Religion, War and Treason by Christopher Hibbert. At the top of the page you are to provide a FULL bibliographic citation in proper MLA formatting. Then follow the below format for the rest of the book review. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY USE INFORMATION THAT YOU HAVE READ FROM THE BOOK. DO NOT USE INTERNET SOURCES WHEN WRITING THIS BOOK REVIEW

1. In 1 – 1.5 pages provide a brief introduction to the topic or subject of the book. DO NOT summarize the topic/subject but introduce it in your own words. Also, provide an answer as to why this topic of subject is important to the history of England and why it needs to be covered. Do not write more then 1.5 pages in this section and DO NOT go onto another website and copy what has previously been written by other readers. PLAGARISM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (DO NOT GO CHANGING EVERY THIRD WORD TO INFORMATION YOU FOUND ON THE INTERNET, I HAVE READ ALL THE REVIEWS AND WILL KNOW WHERE YOU TOOK THE INFORMATION FROM)

2. In 1 – 1.5 pages summarize the author’s thesis and main points concisely but fully. Explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS what YOU think the author is trying to accomplish by writing this book? ONCE AGAIN DO NOT TAKE YOUR INFORMATION FROM INTERNET SOURCES. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN ENOUGH TIME TO AT LEAST SKIM THE BOOK FOR INFORMATION AND NOT TAKE FROM THE INTERNET.

3. This section should be at least three (3) pages. This is when you react to the book. Based on your answer to number three, do you find the author’s arguments and conclusions convincing? How does he do in terms of accomplishing his purpose for writing? DO NOT walk on fences or resort to elementary tactics such as pleading ignorance. While a review DOES NOT USUALLY include the reader’s own opinion, you MAY provide a BRIEF (very brief) personal evaluation (DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONAL EVALUATION OFF THE INTERNET). Be sure to EXPLAIN and SUPPORT your opinion carefully and coherently. ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT TAKE INFORMATION OFF OF THE INTERNET, MAKE SURE TO ANSWER THE ABOVE TWO QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION OF THE RESEARCH PAPER AND TO PROVIDE A STRONG CONCLUSION (conclusion should make up NO MORE then half a page).

Once again, for the amount of time that you have been given do not resort to looking up book reviews on the internet. As I have already said above, I have read ALL and I mean ALL the reviews which have been posted and I will be able to tell if you have taken information off of the web instead of doing the reading yourself. Keep in mind that since I have done all the reading about this book on the web if you do decided to pull your information from the internet instead of from the book and only change the words, I WILL STILL FIND OUT. Turnitin will be used along with other software, which will inform me of what words had been changed from the internet sources YOU PLAGARIZED FROM. This book review is to be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You are allowed to use small amounts of quotations when needed FROM THE BOOK AND ONLY FROM THE BOOK (as you need to back up your argument with examples) but do not use extended amounts of quotations.

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