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Book review of Andrew Carnegie

Book review of Andrew Carnegie

American History

Source: Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business by Harold C. Livesay. Library of American Biography Edited by Mark C. Carnes 3rd edition

Book review must answer the following questions:

1. 1. Who is the author? What are his credentials? What other books has he written?

2. Who is the intended audience? Is this book for the layman? The student? The graduate candidate? The scholar?

3. Was the book fiction or non-fiction?

4. What is the thesis (topic) and is it clearly stated?

5. What is this book about? Prove to me that you?ve read it.

6. Does the author use any sources? Are the sources original documents (primary) or translations or monographs based on original documents (secondary)?

7. Do you believe the author?s argument? Why or why not?

8. Is this the book too long? Too short? Just right?

9. Does the author have an agenda? Is he objective?

10. Is there too much opinion in the work?

11. Was this book interesting to read? Why?

12. Did it change your opinion on this subject?

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