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American Workers, American Unions

Book Review American Workers, American Unions written by Robert Zieger Edition 4

You will complete a 3 page book review of a non-fiction book of your choice that is relevant to the period and region that we are

studying. The book for review will be non-fiction, 140 pages or longer, and suitable for a college student. Part of the assignment is

choosing a book that interests you, the student.

The review will consist of 1 page of summary and 2+ pages of what you think about the book, how it fits into history, and its

relevance, approximately 1500 words. It will done in 11 point Times-New Roman script, double spaced. I’m interested in what you have to

say about the book more thaninterested in the book itself, and if you include much of your own opinions, it will help your grade.

Remember this is 20% of your final grade. Double-spaced. (single-space – 1 3/4 pages or longer)

Things to consider when you read your book & write your review: did you like it; was the author biased; is it important in its field;

were you surprised; did it change your opinion; where does it fit in history; is it important; what about sources; reader bias; plus

whatever you can think of that is relevant! Other things you may to mention: any what does the book mean to you, should others read

this book, why is it important. Examine the book sources; bibliography and notes. Google the author for background.

Your Name, course number, and date should be at the top left of the first page. Below that should be the name of the author, the book,

publisher following the format below: citations should conform to MLA requirements.

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