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Book Review Assignment

Book Review

The objective of this assignment is to have you identify a children’s book that you would potentially use when working with children and/or adolescents encountering death.

1)  Choose ONE children’s book [must be published within the last 15 years] that interests you and the content is related to this course.

2)  Read the article, Literature to Help Children Cope with Family Stressors by Killingsworth and Crawford.  This article can be found in either the Assignment Tab or Article Tab.

3) Write a 4-6 page paper that that includes a thoughtful, critical review of the book. Your response should be in a paragraph format and should be a cohesive paper, not a numbered list of requirements. It must be a MS Word document, that is double-spaced, 1” margins, and 12-point Times New Roman font.


4)  Include the intended purpose of the book, genre, reading level, and intended audience.  Provide an analysis of the content and it’s application to children and adolescents.  Include examples from the text to demonstrate your points.  A proper citation of the book must also be included.  When writing your paper, consider the following:


  1. Is it a picture book? Illustrations or photos?  What is your impression of the illustrator?


  1. If there are illustrations, do they depict persons, cartoons or animals?  Do you feel this influences the efficacy of the book?


  1. Is the book developmentally appropriate?  Are the terms and concepts appropriate for the recommended reading level?


  1. What are the strengths of this book? Are there weaknesses?


  1. Would a child/teen enjoy this book and why?


  1. Would you use this book in your own practice? Why or why not?  What types of populations would potentially benefit from this book with and why?



TOTAL:  20 Points

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