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Cause and effect of childhood obesity in America

Write a 13 pages paper on cause and effect of childhood obesity in america.

This essay “Cause and effect of childhood obesity in America” outlines the reasons for children’s obesity and difficulties that person who suffer the obesity in the childhood can face once he/she growth. Obese individuals suffer from a host of social, economic and educational prejudice.

Because of teasing and stigmatization among their peers, obese children tend to suffer from psycho-social morbidity, particularly among adolescents and girls. The obese child develops poor self-esteem, depression and eating disorders. (Reilly, 2007) When they grow into adulthood, the obese individuals tend to experience discrimination at work.

Difficulty in getting a job is a particularly prevalent and oppressive effect of the social prejudice against obesity because a person’s very livelihood and economic well-being is affected.

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Chernov (2006) conducted a study that identified some of the reasons why obese people are discriminated against. Most commonly expressed by employers are:

(1) negative portrayal of store image (customers perceive the store negatively if they have an obese employee).

(2) higher insurance costs coupled with the uncertain future health conditions of the obese applicant. and

(3) physical limitations of the obese applicant to comply with the dictates of the job. Of these three excuses, only the third, physical limitations, may constitute a legitimate reason for not hiring an obese person.

And oftentimes, even if the person has been hired, he has trouble being promoted and is often passed over in career advancement opportunities

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