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Theism and Naturalism

Respond to the question from a theistic world view. Evaluate both their naturalistic and theistic view. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Theism and Naturalism

Every person who is born in this world raises questions regarding the world he is living in at some point in life. A person is free to explore possibilities and potential explanations to find the answers of the situations in which he finds himself. However, in the many debates between Theism and Naturalism, one always finds the secular Naturalists to keep a window open for some form of metaphysical beliefs of the Theistic world (Phillips & Brown, 1996).

This paper offers a response, explaining the view as a Christian, believing in a Theistic worldview compared with the Philosophical Naturalism. The paper explores “big” questions raised by laypersons and experts, explained better through Christian Theism than Philosophical Naturalism.

How did this world come into existence? Scientist, theologians, and philosophers have spent their lives finding the answer. Various theories and propositions have been presented, and the scientists now agree with the fact that the existence of world came into being from nothing and that it is continually expanding towards a fierce end. The “Big Bang Theory” is the only possible explanation the Naturalists’ can give for the existence of the universe, which itself is contested in cosmological terms among scientists, providing insufficient answers regarding who was that being that made the Big Bang.

The Christians believed all of this, long before scientists, through scriptures in the Bible referring to an “uncaused, first cause” (God) that caused the universe. The Theists’ answer is the only possible explanation providing coherency and stability to the cosmology of the Big Bang Theory. This is done by explaining an ever-loving God that existed before anything else existed who made this world to show His supremacy, and for people to understand His nature and offer the glad tidings of an immortal life in the hereafter.

Naturalists have pondered and presented various vague theories explaining the complex structures and systems involved in the make-up of this universe. Unfortunately, they do not recognize a creator and that is why they are unable to present any plausible explanation. The biological explanations of origin of life are stated through Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution,” yet it is unable to provide sufficient evidence regarding the physical aspect of its origins.

However, the Christian theism explains the harmony in which this universe has existed to be the cause of a creator. The (Genesis 2:7) explains that God has the power to create life from non-living matter and that he created life “from the dust of the ground” (, 2012).

There are many other questions that the Philosophical Naturalists are unable to provide answers. Some such questions include the emergence of consciousness in humans and the existence of the mind, free will, and destiny debate. Furthermore, the ways in which one defines evil, pain, and injustice when one does not have a parameter to check it against. All these and many other questions are sufficiently answered through Christian Theistic worldview. The ‘good’ is defined by the Bible, and that is the only thing that will lead to salvation.

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