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Childhood Obesity in the United States

Hypothesis: Childhood Obesity has become a major cause for concern within our nation. Children whom are obese are more likely to experience increased emotional stress and a lack of success.


– Use the concepts in your hypothesis to search for full-text-peer-reviewed articles, books, newspaper articles, government reports, and NGO reports, published within the past 5 YEARS.
– Narrow down your search results to only include sources that are relevant to your proposed research.

1. Introduction Paragraph – Should include what is going to be discussed in this paper. For instance, in this assignment, you are reviewing four articles which are related to your hypothesis. So start your introduction by talking about the topics for your research hypothesis and what is going to be followed in the following body paragraphs. You introduction paragraph must need to have a thesis statement.

2. Body Paragraphs- You do not have to write the entire summary from the methodology to the limitation of each article. What you have to do is to highlight the important part from each article and why that highlight is important and how the highlighted part is related to your research hypothesis.

3. Conclusion Paragraph – You need to end this paper with a conclusion paragraph. The concluding paragraph should include the summary of BODY paragraphs, and readdress/re-emphasize your hypothesis.

4. Format – APA Style. You can choose to use one of the following:
1) 4 peer-reviewed journal articles
2) 3 peer-reviewed journal article and 1 government report
3) 2 peer-reviewed journal article, 1 government report, and one newspaper article (NYTIMES, or Washington Post)

5. Create an APA formatted reference page.

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