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Bootstrap Marketing Ideas


Title: Bootstrap Marketing Ideas

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Examples of bootstrap marketing strategies

The first example is the usage of media platform, social media is mostly in use in online businesses, but the customers do expect it. The second is getting to know the customers; the major part of an effective marketing plan is by understanding your marketing target (Funk, 2014). The more you know your customers; it becomes easier to sell them what they require. The last example is building an email; it is an economical method of being in touch with the customers, product promotion, and boosting the recognized brand.

Ideas of Bootstrap marketing that shall help in the promotion of a business at a low expense

Grow the presence of your social media; social media has not only been the number one method of professionals marketing; customers do expect to see you online. The exciting part is that it is mostly free (Cornwall, Vang & Hartman, 2014). There happens to available options in various platforms in boosting a person’s boost by having to pay so that more people can view them. For those people on a bootstrap budget, it happens to be an excellent method of spending time and money to grow the social media presence. It is necessary to take your time when outlining the goals as well as making calendar contents as a way of maintaining the consistency of the posts (Cornwall, Vang & Hartman, 2015).

Assuming you have an advertising budget of $1,500 in investing in a campaign that promotes an upcoming special event or sale for your business. The target customers range between 25 years to 45-year-old individuals with a higher-than-average income. How would I invest in my advertising budget and ways of generating free publicity in extending the advertising budget?

The best option for investing my advertising budget is through Facebook’s use because my target group age ranges from 25 years to forty years. These people are fun of social media platforms, and late social media has turned out to be the leading business platform. I will use news feeds ads, which will attract more people and deliver the message across many people with ease compared to sidebar ads.

I will create a fan page with an association with my ad. I will ensure that all the items I will make sure that all the things I sell are on my Facebook fan page. Since I do not want to deceive people into liking my page, I will have to pay for each click to ensure that the clickers are aware of spending money for the content I’m sending them.


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