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Asset Resource Management

Assignment 4: Asset Resource Management

Task 1.

Select a imaging modality and create business plan for the purchase of that capital equipment by conducting an evaluation in

collaboration with organization stakeholders (Physicians, Finance, Materials Management, etc.) to provide optimal technology.

1. Modality appropriateness (why this, why now)
2. evaluate: Price, service, and value-added negotiation techniques
3. Investigate what type of Contract would be needed to purchase that equipment
4. present a executive summary and business plan for the purchase of that equipment that could be used to present to the decision makers

at your institution

5. Equipment safety (radiation, ergonomics, general)
6. Different types of equipment and their capabilities
7. Service and maintenance programs

Skills needed:
1. Interpreting equipment specifications
2. Communicating and attaining (developing) consensus with stakeholders
3. Applying radiation and general safety requirements (regulatory issues)
4. Negotiating contracts

Task 2.

Manage projects effectively by empowering appropriate employee teams to implement projects that support strategic plans. Using the

equipment you selected from task #1 about develop a team that would be needed to provide the needed input and support for the purchase of

that equipment. Explain and justify each person who would need to be on that team and why you would need to include them. Also include

what each person’s role would be for the completion of the project.

Do research on the following:
1. Project management principles
2. Staff capabilities
3. Time management principles

Skills needed to complete this assessment:
1. Reading and interpreting financial reports
2. Collaborating with interdepartmental organization stakeholders
3. Communicating orally and through written documents
4. Applying project management principles
5. Organizing project teams
6. Managing project teams
7. Monitoring project teams and their results

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