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Ethical issues arising from Artificial Intelligence

Discuss on the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is it used for? Please provide at least 3 examples of its current application. (e.g. financial advisor chatbots, human robots, SIRI/Cortana).

What is machine learning? Please discuss how machine learning involves data analytics, big data and data mining. Why does this pose ethical issues to us? Is our privacy at risk? Does the Term of Conditions (TOC) or agreement of online services or system are are being specific on getting the consent to use user’s data for data analytics? [Note: This is a major discussion for this presentation)

Will AI replace human? Will our job be cut off leading to people losing job and ultimately unemployment with the introduction of AI in the workplace? Please also discuss how this is not the biggest issue for AI such as company can do business re-engineering, introduce alternate job or the employees can just add IT skills.

AI is still a software and like any software, there are possibility of bugs. Bugs may alter result of machine learning. Furthermore, AI relies heavily on data. Inaccurate data from their sources (e.g. given by users or through data analytics) can affect the integrity of the machine learning and the AI system. AI can make mistakes. Therefore, what are the risks of over relying on AI (e.g. accusation of crime due to wrong criminal data pattern analytics, financial loss due to stock exchange analysis error). It is important to consider that AI help in decision making but should not be the decision maker.

Please briefly discuss on any other ethical issues that can arise from AI now or in the future.

Last Updated on March 13, 2018

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