Budgets and capital purchases

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Begin by reading the following article (Links to an external site.).

You are a food service director at a large school district or hospital. Write a justification for including a large capital expense, of your choosing, in your budget. Since your audience may not fully understand the food service impact of this expense, make sure to give details of your justification (to better your chances).

1) Choose an expensive (upwards of $20,000) piece of equipment that you, as the food service director, need for your operation. In choosing this equipment, you want to obtain the estimated cost of it as well as include any extra costs that may be associated with this purchase (installation, maintenance, etc…). If you cannot find these figures from a simple Google search, assign a dollar amount to these costs.

2) I’m not looking necessarily at the accuracy of equipment price but your justifications on why you need this in your operation. What will it save you in the long run? What will it help you accomplish? Etc… Thoroughly justify this large capital expense.


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