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Evaluation Plan using Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model has been the accepted standard for evaluating training since the early 1960s. It looks at four different levels of outcomes:

  • Level 1 – Reaction
  • Level 2 – Learning
  • Level 3 – Behavior
  • Level 4 – Results

The following resource is provided to help you prepare this assignment.

Kirkpatrick Partners. (2011). The Kirkpatrick Model. Retrieved from https://www.kirkpatrickpartners.com/Our-Philosophy/The-Kirkpatrick-Model


In this week’s written application, you will develop an evaluation plan to ensure that your employees know how to use a new piece of equipment. Your plan should include the following five sections:

  1. Overview– What is your business? What is the new equipment you will be training?
  2. Reaction– How will you measure whether employees feel that the training was useful?
  3. Learning– At the end of training on the new equipment, how will you evaluate whether employees have learned how to use the equipment?
  4. Behavior – After employees are back on the job using the new equipment, how will you evaluate whether they are using the equipment correctly?
  5. Results– How will you evaluate the impact of the new equipment on your business? Will it impact revenue? or efficiency? or reduce costs? What metrics will you use to evaluate business results?

A quality response should be approximately 400 – 600 words.

Prepare your document according to the guidelines in the How do I do that? module under Course Resources. Attach your assignment file and submit through the next page in this assignment module.

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