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Domestic Versus International Considerations

Research a real-world company that has expanded operations internationally.

Write a paper of 500–700 words on international supply chain management, using the company that you researched as your focus.

Your paper should include the following:

From manufacturing to the distribution of goods on an international scale, discuss the elements of a supply chain.
What are the steps involved in producing an order and shipping it to the customer?
Identify some of the risks behind not completing certain activities on time (think of the customer impact).
Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of international operations.
In global supply chains, how can a company ensure ethical behavior?
Based on your research, what are some examples of unethical practices that have taken place?
Lastly, how have trading blocs, such as the European Union and North American Free Trade Agreement, worked to improve ethical practices?
Discuss the additional challenges of operating a supply chain internationally.

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