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African Diaspora Reading Response

African Diaspora Reading Response Paper

This reading response paper should address the questions What do we think we know about Africa and why do we think it? In other words, how is Africa represented in our collective imagination and why has it been represented that way?

How does Stevens’ warning that if “If we refuse to this downtrodden and oppressed race the rights which Heaven decreed them, and the remuneration which they have earned through long years of hopeless oppression,” it would lead to perpetual resentment, and eventually an uprising of “the oppressed against the oppressor”? find more justification in African diaspora history than Douglass’s contention that “Men are so constituted that they derive their conviction of their own possibilities largely from the estimate formed of them by others” *( im taking stevens side and the paper should be supportive to steven) Readings are uploaded


*Important-1) Demonstrated breadth of knowledge of the readings aDraw examples/data from the reading in making your arguent. 2) Factual accuracy of presentation and rebuttal.

3) Strength, soundness, coherence and logical consistency of argumentation. Answer the question effectively, making use of the best arguments to prove your side’s case. 4)Organization and clarity

Important-paper is not only historically accurate but presents an interpretation of the material it covers. It has a point to make and answers the question thoroughly. As important, it makes extensive and effective use of the course readings and in-class lecture and discussion. The paper meets the required length of five pages without resorting to the various methods of “lengthening a paper.”

It is written in clear and readable prose, is proof-read and mistake free, and is well organized, with an identifiable thesis, a body in which the thesis is substantiated (supported with historical material) and a conclusion which does not simply repeat the thesis. Most importantly it puts forward your ideas, thereby showing thought, and does not merely repeat what others have said. Make it your own.

African Diaspora Reading Response Questions:

Does it matter how you get there to who you are there and how you feel there? Assess it from the standpoint of Alamin Mazrui’s distinction between African Americans and American Africans. Whether you agree with it or not, what is the case for this being a meaningful distinction?

Does Africa bear some of the responsibility for the slave trade? What are the implications of saying that it does? What are the implications of saying that it doesn’t? Does Africa have a case for reparations as African heads of state argue in the Dakar Declaration? Cover the readings in this folder which are uploaded (Rodney, Thorton, Dakar Declaration).

Stevens insisted that African Americans deserved and required reparations for slavery, in the form of the land they had worked as slaves. Douglass argued that they were better off being left alone to make it on their own. If, as Foner argues, the freeing of African Americans was to be the “Second American Revolution” finishing what the first one started, who was right, and what does it say about Coates’ “Case for Reparations”? Cover the readings in this folder (Douglass, Stevens, Foner, Coates).

Identify and discuss the historical significance of 4 (four) of the following terms, and explain how each item relates to the understanding of the African Diaspora.

each response should consist of at least one well organized paragraph that fully addresses the common question and no less than 150 words.

Ancient African Empires of Ghana,Mali or Songhay.

Project description

Select one of the ancient African Empires of Ghana,Mali or Songhay. Which one is your favorite? Why? What did you learn that was not readily known in your educational experience. How might this information be included?

Give some examples of how African Culture can be found in the Diaspora (wherever African peoples have dispersed).

Police Brutality Against African American Males

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