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Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition

Research Paper (Signature Assignment)

*May be 1 of the following 2:

1. Nutrition-related chronic disease: In-depth look at your family’s health history and choose a nutrition-related chronic disease that runs in your

family. Include description of the disease, cause(s), health complications, prevention, treatment options, and extent of diet’s role in the chronic

disease, effect of activity/exercise.

2. Nutrition Perspectives: Discover different ways of approaching nutrition, how it impacts our daily lives and what choices we can make to improve our

health and our world. Choose a book or documentary from the extensive, instructor provided list. Provide a summary of the book/documentary; discuss

which book/documentary you choose and why; discuss nutritional background of author(s)/producer(s); when was this book written/documentary produced and

are the themes are still applicable today. Compare and contrast 3 topics in the book/documentary to your textbook. Discuss what you learned about

nutrition from completing this assignment (What new idea/point of view did you learn? Will you incorporate the themes/ideas you learned about in your

own life?).

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Last Updated on April 25, 2020

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