Creating GI Jane & Sorting the Mail Reading Response

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Reading Response Questions: Rosie Week 2

Meyer, “Creating GI Jane”

1. What were some of the public anxieties around the Women’s Army Corps (WACs)?

2. How did Oveta Culp Hobby go about assuaging public concerns about the WACs?

3. How did the US Army undermine her efforts?

4. What questions did this reading create for you?

Collins, “Sorting the Mail: Blazing a Trail”

1. How did WWII loosen racial hierarchies, as well as gender ones?

2. What were the responsibilities of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion?

3. Describe some of the incidents where members of the 6888th faced racial discrimination. How did they respond?

4. What questions or thoughts did this reading leave you with?

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