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Literature Reading Response

Reading response:

Choose story from provided short story from the textbook. PLEASE do not use the ” The Story of an Hour”
Below link is where you can find story

Or Required Texts:
The Bedford Introduction to Literature, 11th Edition, IBSN 978-1-319-00218-3
Response should show an engagement with the text, and tell your own point of view and response to the reading.

Each Reading Response should be 2 pages in length, double spaced and 12-point font. Include your name, class section, and title of the reading on the top left-hand side of the paper.

You may choose any story, poem, or play that you’ve read for the section, answer the following questions in complete sentences and paragraphs:

Summarize the reading. What are the main theme, images, or questions the author is interested in, and what argument are they making (if applicable)? This should the shortest paragraph of your response.

What was your initial reaction to the reading? Did you find it interesting, compelling? Did you dislike it for any reason? Why, or why not?

What makes this a valuable piece of writing? Respond with your own point of view, experience, or thoughts. This should be the longest part of your response.

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