Abstract of Walmart

For this research project, you are to:

Select a for-profit organization to research. For the purposes of this research, the larger the organization the more information you will be able to fine. Look at its mission and values statements and then at its activities to determine what the organization is doing to live those statements.

Your research must address the following questions:

What type business does the organization participate in?

What is its mission and values statement? Describe what the organization says about itself.

What is the perception of their reputation by the public and the media regarding their image in the community?

Is there congruence between what the company things of themselves and what the public and media think of them? Is the organization living its mission and values statement? (Do they walk the talk)

What HR activities does the organization engage in that reinforce its mission and values statement?

This will be a four (4) part assignment. The four parts will be shown here but will also appear in the Modules where they are due.

1 – Select a for-profit organization to research. I selected Walmart.

2 – Submit a 1-2 paragraph Abstract of the organization that you chose


Last Updated on January 23, 2020

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