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Final Project Milestone One

Final Project Milestone One: Overview

In order to successfully respond to circumstances in your healthcare organization, you must first be able to appraise your organization,

its mission, its vision, and
its values. To provide you with experience doing this, you will assess the situation as described in your selected case study.
You will read your case study carefully and develop a short paper that provides a summary of the case study. In the summary, be sure to

address the following:
A. Provide a brief summary of the circumstances and the problem(s) faced by the healthcare organization. Highlight details you believe to

be of particular
B. Provide an interpretation of the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Consider how the industry, the organization, and/or the

stakeholders define
key terms within the organizations mission, vision, and values and how the definitions clarify the meaning.
C. Discuss how the organization’s interpretation of its mission, vision, and values impacts the circumstance it faces. Consider how the

mission and vision
relate to the situation outlined in the case study.
Guidelines for Submission: This short paper should be between 1 and 3 pages, not including cover page and references. This paper should be

in APA format.

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