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Wellness Initiative And Instructional Program

Wellness Initiative And Instructional Program For Clinics To Ensure Health Safety And Service Satisfaction

Using the topic and objectives uploaded proceed with the following. This is the first portion of my
capstone project Complete as many activities as possible of the following Phase 1 tasks: Conduct a
literature review pertaining to your project Design and conduct a needs assessment/gap analysis. 5
Analyze the results of your needs assessment/gap analysis to identify administrative problems or
opportunities. Refine your practicum project idea based on your analysis and define the project
objectives. Finalize your practicum project statement and scope Begin your report covering all

Phase 1 tasks. Your final report for Phase 1 tasks should be a minimum of 5 pages. Integrate
appropriate tools and procedures from your findings into your proposal. Provide in-text citations

and references for all sources cited. Format your paper, including the reference page, according to

APA guidelines. Consult with your mentor to share your documents and discuss your findings.
Incorporate the feedback from your mentor into your report.

Practicum Learning Agreement

This form must be completed during Practicum I of the MSN/ADM and MSN/NED programs. Students will receive instructions from their faculty on how to complete this form.
Practicum Site Information

Agency Name

Agency Contact

Site Address City State Zip

Mentor Information

Mentor Name (including title and credentials)

Mentor E-mail Address Phone Number

Mentor Agency Name

Agency Address City State Zip

Practicum Topic Information

Please list the objectives of your planned project and how those objectives align to those of your MSN concentration (see the Nursing Program Handbook for information on program objectives).
Please describe your planned practicum project:
(Please include a description of your target audience)

Planned Practicum Project Activities

(Include hours spent on research, writing, presenting etc. Do not include hours commuting, classroom time, photocopying, work hours, assignment hours not related to practicum or breaks.) Estimated Hours

Student Name (printed)

Student Signature Date

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