Cryptology assignment

The following is a quotation encrypted using substitution.

Find the substitution key, and decrypt the encrypted quotation. In addition to the
decrypted plain text, you must also show how you found the key. gahzh zgafi‘ irfcc fqgmx eefip
xmgab brscygadgb afqbf dsfih rvhqm xsgnq fxmgf qgafz nsmfh gxmxn squkfaduh xnsbfjdvfi
nhcgp xmxns yhzdz gfszg afinq gafjx quqy gafig dszdz hmbfb fsfuh ccdhq zkqu rfizh gpmxx
czkpa fdufq cprxj enczh xq 2-Using S-DES, decrypt the string (10100010) using the key (01 1 1 1 1 1 101)
by hand. Show the intermediate results after each function (IP. FK SW. FK lP-1); then decode the
first 4 bits of the plaintext string to a letter. and the second 4 bits to another letter where we encode
A through P in base 2 (Le, A = 0000. B = 0001, P = 1111). Are you able to help me solve these 2

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