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A Case Management Initiative

A Case Management Initiative: Engaging community based physicians using the guided care model to positively affect the Bundled Payment Strategy

Capstone Project – Project Development (Part I) Students will use their organizational assessment as the basis for their Capstone Project, which will begin in NU672 and conclude with NU673.

While doing the organizational assessment, students will reflect and propose a Performance Improvement project drawing from internal and external evidence (data) to substantiate the need for such a proposal to meet the capstone requirement. In NU672, students will complete Part I of the Capstone Project, which includes: an introduction and statement of the problem, review of the literature and an action plan for change. The Capstone Project will be appropriately referenced…

Capstone Project Include: Introduction & Problem Statement (approximately 2-4 pages): Clinical Practice Problem: Summarized findings from Organizational Assessment and Evaluation describing the clinical practice problem; identifying the need for development of an evidence based practice Performance Improvement Project.

Provided supporting evidence of the need based on the Organizational Assessment and Evaluation (place documentation in Appendix: trend analysis, and/or analysis of outcomes). Discussed how the project fits with the organization’s mission and strategic plan. Described the population (characteristics of the population).

Described the context and climate or culture of the practice environment and implications of identified critical problem macro-system strengths and weaknesses and/or enhancers and inhibitors in association to the identified problem).

Discussed interdisciplinary communication and collaboration within the macro-system. /20 2. Included: Literature Review (approximately 4-6 pages): Reviewed and analyzed the current literature including published standards pertinent to the clinical practice problem. Review should include a minimum of 6 scholarly references.

The review of literature should address the below criteria: What is the evidence in the literature to support the proposed project?

If there is a clinical aspect to the project, what clinical practice guidelines exist?

Examine the themes and determine similarities and differences Analyze what you find including any gaps that exist in the literature related to the proposed topic. Include a concise summary of current evidence on the topic containing a recap of key findings and credibility, gaps in evidence and the need for further research. /35 3.

Included: Action Plan for Change (4-5 pages.) Described what the change is and the aim, objectives and desired outcomes Provided supporting evidence to support the need for the change Described the environmental culture and characteristics that will support the need for the change Described the environmental culture and characteristics that will support and inhibit the change.

Described the applicable change theory. Used the change theory to develop an action plan to implement the change. /30 Scholarly expectations: Graduate level writing style, organization of paper and use of APA format. / 15 Total / 100 -Upload the grading rubric along with E the assignment. This grading rubric should immediately precede the title page and be made a part
of your final submission.

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