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Week 8 – Assignment: Apply LGBT Affirmative Therapy to Practice

Scenario 1: A low-income, Asian-American family initiates therapy with you due to their son coming out as gay. The parents report that they are uncomfortable with their child’s sexual orientation. Once you have selected the scenario, discuss and reflect on your ideas (based on the readings) concerning how you might conceptualize treatment with this family/couple. What unique socio-cultural clinical considerations are present for this family/couple? What sorts of self-of-the-therapist issues may come up for you as you consider working with this family/couple? Length: 3-6 pages

Harvey, R. G., & Stone Fish, L. (2015). Queer Youth in Family Therapy. Family Process, 54(3), 396-417. doi:10.1111/famp.12170(PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT)

Nguyen, H., Grafsky, E., & Piercy, F. (2016). MFT Program Policies on Referral of LGBT Clients. Contemporary Family Therapy: An International Journal, 38(3), 307-317. doi:10.1007/s10591-016-9389-3 (PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT)

Horn, A. J., & Wong, Y. J. (2017). Exploring the positive experiences of heterosexual fathers who parent gay sons: A phenomenological approach. Psychology Of Men & Masculinity, 18(4), 268-279. doi:10.1037/men0000071

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