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The use of Standardized Testing is not improving Education in America

We live in a complex world filled with challenging and often perplexing issues that we are expected to make sense of. Usually the media or others in authority will define these issues for us; as effective thinkers we have an obligation to develop informed, intelligent opinions about these issues so that we can function as responsible citizens and also make appropriate decisions when confronted with these issues in our lives.

Almost everyone has opinions about events and their meaning. Some opinions, however, are more informed and better supported than others. We must be aware of how we form our opinions and see if we can support our opinions with well-constructed arguments and evidence.

Your assignment is to identify an issue, name it, take a position, and argue for that position.

Remember the steps to take:

1. Name the issue.

2. State the arguments.

3. Support each argument with evidence. Evidence is not an opinion; it is experience that can be confirmed by others and is used to support an argument. Evidence can take the form of first-hand experience, statistical analysis, or expert testimony.

You should organize your assignment by providing:

1. Statement and definition of issue

2. Statement of position on issue

3. Argument 1—argues for your position on issue

4. Evidence 1—supports Argument 1

5. Evidence 2—supports Argument 1 See the attached file for the ground work of this paper. Can use all aspects of the paper just need it to be expanded upon to meet qualifications of the paper prompt.

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