Opinions and Attitudes towards Web-Based Assessment

Experts and educational technologists have recently emphasized that computer-assisted assessment plays an important role in improving the quality of student learning experiences, particularly in higher education. However, we need to investigate what students think and feel, and learn context-specific issues. The aim of this research paper is to determine undergraduate students? opinions and attitudes towards the web-based assessment for a course they take in a college of education.

This is to be an original research paper that has intro, literature review, methodology (including research questions) results and discussion.

Research Questions that could be re-phrased, revised, etc? are:

1. What are undergraduate students? general attitudes towards web-based testing for their course?

2. Do undergraduate students have different attitudes towards web-based assessment in terms of

Gender (i.e., Do male students have different attitudes from female students?)

Their years of internet

Frequency of internet use

Overall computer literacy

3. Do they prefer one type of test mode to the other (computer- and paper-based tests)?

4. What is the relationship among perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, computer attitude, anxiety and students? intention towards web-based assessment?

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