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Compare and contrast essay

The assignment for an essay of at least 700 words

Write a compare/contrast essay about two or more writers‘ opinions or
themes from the sources below. Do not simply compare all the events in
one essay with all the events in another. They cannot be compared
because not all the events are parallel. From a body of information, pick out
the relevant points of comparison and contrast to support your thesis.Be
careful not to distort what an author wrote.

Here are some questions to get you started. What similarities can you find?
What differences? Consider themes, evknts, and even details. Do the
authors write about similar or different conflicts? What are their topics? If
you‘re writing about opinions, consider which writer does a better job of
supporting his or her opinion. How do the writers support their opinions?
Which is more convincing? What can a reader learn from reading these

Be sure to include enough information from each writer. That means, write
as if no one else has read the two pieces that you’ve read. Name the
writers by last name, never the first name unless you are personally

Cite your sources, even if informally. You won’t yet be graded on use of
APA or other referencing format, but you do need to indicate where your
information comes from. A URL link will do.

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