The t Test for Two Independent Samples

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Results for the independent t-test and test on proportions will be copied and pasted into the Results section of the Final Project template eventually, however, you may turn in Step 5 separately.

Review the Final Project Instructions, paying particular attention to the explanations and notes for the following section: Results, Statistical Analyses and Interpretation.  Review the hypothesis testing procedure in Chapter 10

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in the textbook.

Ch 10

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The t Test for Two Independent Samples:

  • Write a research question for a t-test for two independent samples.  Include the null and alternative hypotheses (2 points)
  • Open the Howell data set Using the hypothesis testing procedure we learned in class, select any appropriate independent and any appropriate dependent variable from the Howell data set.  Perform an independent t-test on means and make a correct conclusion (2 points).
  • Report the correct decision regarding the null hypothesis (2 points)
  • Based on your analysis, report the results in 1-2 paragraphs using correct APA format (1 point).

For example, “There was a significant difference in the mean scores for media exposure (M=4.2, SD=1.3) and no media exposure (M=2.2, SD=0.84); t (28)=2.89, p <0.05.”

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