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Macro Practice Technique Approach/ Model

Content: A presentation on a practice technique or approach which a social worker might engage in a macro practice setting or context.
(1) Introduction to the technique
(2) Person/persons or movement behind the technique
(3) Theoretical underpinning of the technique
(4) Description of the technique
(5) Comparative analysis with other approaches
(6) Persons and contexts most suited for the approach
(7) Conclusion

Preparation: Utilize at least 6 different sources for this project, outlining the project with the above 7 points in PowerPoint, and providing a reference page at the conclusion of the presentation.

Delivery: Present a 8 to 1 minute oral presentation with your PowerPoint as a guide/

Rubric: The following will solve as a grading rubric.

(1) Following the guidelines above and not omitting any of the guidelines
(2) Evidence of adequate research
(3) Clear and concise presentation
(4) Engagement with other class members
(5) Creativity in presentation
(6) Practical application of presentation material

Techniques and approaches of macro social work to compare:
Four Models, Chavez, Ross House, Alinsky, Social Networks, PREPARE and Imagine, model in Kirst-Ashman and Hull

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