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The role of the nurse induction & supporting women to adapt a healthy life during antenatal period

Note: Maximum word count is 2200 words. At least 15 references. Guideline: 7 st paragraph: Write introduction about the pregnancy in general & then write “this assignment will outline “pregnancy”. “health education”. “antenatal”, & “health life style”.” the areas that you will address (only 155 words).

2nd within the body of the assignment you define key words. such as “pregnancy”. “health
education”, “antenatal”, & “health life style”.

3rd paragraph: from the literature discuss the life choices that have either positive (ex. good nutrient taking vitamin. Follow-up examinations. sleep, rest, & exercise) and negative (ex. Smoking, alcohol. carry heavy stufii & high heels) effect on the pregnant women & her baby.

4th paragraph: appraise the importance of good health during pregnancy & it’s benefits for the women, her unborn baby. & the wider family.

5th paragraph: ident’qjl & discuss with details the role of the nurse in fostering healthy life style during antenatal period (ex. Nurse follows up with pregnant woman and educate her about pregnancy).

6th paragraph: analyze the potential barriers to health education in pregnancy & outline how the nurse can help the women to make the changes where needed (ex. pregnant woman might be uneducated and nurse finds educating her difiicult or pregnant woman might be poor and cannot follow up examinations).

7th paragraph: identify & briefly evaluate the strategies used by nurse to deliver (ex. awareness, PowerPoint’s, awareness films. delivery services, home visit).

8th paragraph: define ”multidisciplinary team” & its relationship with pregnant woman & the importance of referral to the other members of the multidisciplinary team when needed (ex. Doctor may referral pregnant woman to x-ray specialist or ultra sound or nutrient specialist or laboratory as collaboration between multidisciplinary team that would efiect on the pregnant women & her baby).

9th paragraph: provide a conclusion to your assignment this should capture the main point

make a judgment on the keys thought presented (paraphrase the introduction).

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