“African Woman” Nervous Conditions

Rewriting “African Woman” Nervous Conditions

See Link for Nervous Conditions full text below

Read : chps. 1 – 3 of Nervous Conditions
Read : chps. 4 – 7 of Nervous Conditions

Read : chps. 8-10 of Nervous Conditions

QUESTIONS (Respond to parts a and b)

a) Discuss the impact of British colonization and education on Babamukuru, Nyasha, and Tambu, in Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions. Please provide examples

from the novel and readings provided in the course.

b) What would you argue Nyasha’s anorexia nervosa symbolizes? What does she say on p.150 that helps us understand this? How does the bell hooks article on

Patriarchy help you understand Babamukuru’s relationship with the women in his life, particularly his daughter, Nyasha?

•Essay must be in standard essay form: introduction; body of essay with ideas in each paragraph building on the previous one, and finally, concluding


•Essay must be typed (Font #12); double-spaced, with in-text citations, as well as a Works Cited page (MLA or APA style).

•Essay will be five (5) or more pages or 1500 words.

•In addition to your ideas, evaluation of your response paper will be based on references to articles, films/documentaries studied in class, as well as

your own research.

•Proofread carefully for grammar and spelling errors

Read : chps. 8-10 of Nervous Conditions


See link for  Nervous Conditions full text

Respond to a and b:


  1. a) Why do you think Tambu is resistant to Babamukuru’s demand that her parents get married? Why do you think Maiguru, despite her higher education, seems so subservient to Babamukuru? Why is Nyasha disappointed when her mother returns home after her major disagreement with Babamukuru?
  1. b) One can argue that Lucia is also female, poor, uneducated and black…” yet in important ways her experiences are different from those of Tambu’s mother; discuss the ways in which Lucia challenges Tambu’s mother’s pessimism about being poor, uneducated, female and black… 

 Please include author last name and page references in your in-text citations.


 Write 1 page

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