The Princess Effect

Paper 2 Topics

Write a well-developed essay (about three double-spaced pages plus an
additional Works Cited page) about the following topic.
In this unit, you read three chapters from your text book. You read one about
making academic arguments and one about style in arguments. The final one
you read (called “How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You?”) contained a
number of published articles about popular culture.

For this paper, answer the following question:

In the “How Does Popular Culture Stereotype You?” chapter, which article
makes the best argument and why?
So far in this class, you’ve read a good deal about how arguments work and how
to make effective arguments. What I’m asking you to do is pick the one from the
“Popular Culture” chapter that best matches the definitions of a good argument
that your textbook makes.
You will need to quote from your chosen article and from the chapters we’ve
read about making arguments. For this question, the important thing is the

Illustrate your choice with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES!


The basic format of your paper should look like the sample paper in
this unit’s reading from
Everything’s An Argument (485-486).
Please incorporate what you’ve learned from the reading about
making effective arguments with evidence to back up your claims (and
most of the evidence will come from specific examples).
Part of the scoring for this paper will be based on making a complex
and original argument, so make your reasons as specific as possible.
See syllabus for due dates.

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