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Post The Formula News Story You Have Selected, Do Research To Expand Your Knowledge About The Story., Post The News Story With These Additions That You Feel Make It Better For Understanding More About The Story.

Much of what passes for news is formula reporting that does little to add to your knowledge. The best journalism informs you and increases your greater understanding of an event or situation. For this assignment you are to find one formula news story that does little to help your understanding and then improve it. Continue by doing the following:

1. Post the formula news story you have selected.

a. This must be a current news story from a commonly available source, such as the New York Times, the Oregonian, Buzzfeed, etc.
b. Choose one that is a simple news story with low levels of depth, analysis and explanation. These simple stories tend to be short, just basic information about a crime or event, leaving out context and wider explanation.
c. Post this full story first on the assignment page.

2. Do research to expand your knowledge about the story.

a. First identify some questions that you have about the original story. These range from general questions: Why is this happening now, How many times has this happened in the recent past, to background context, such as How does this compare to previous incidents, or how many people per year are affected by this issue, or is this something unique to only American society?
b. Second do research to answer your questions. The easiest route is to go to and start by reading through reader comments. Even Wikipedia is a useful source for overall information and context. Select those elements that are supported and add to understanding.
c. Choose at least 2 detailed/reliable sources for your additional information.

3. Post the news story with these additions that you feel make it better for understanding more about the story. This should relate to understanding

individuals, social forces, causes or consequences in the story.

a. Post the original full story and then insert, with highlighting, the additions that you have made to it.

b. Make sure that these additions answer the questions that you asked in Point # 2 above.

c. Make sure that the additions are informative to the reader, and not just trivial information.

Following are 2 examples of submissions which did a good job of identifying and addressing missing information in a news story:

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