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Hamlet Media News Report

Writing and Reporting a News Story The key elements of a News Report are:

1. Headline: catches your attention, sums up the story
2. Byline: Writer’s name, Writer’s speciality
3. Placeline: Where the story begins
4. Lead: The opening section, gives the most important information, should
answer most of the 5Ws
5. Body: Supplies detail, most important details come first, simple true
6. Quotation: what someone actually said, adds accuracy, adds “at the
scene” feeling

Your Task:

Part 1: Write a report based on the events from the final scene. Think of the impact that Hamlet’s actions will have. Make predictions about the future. Report on the events. Try to create an interesting and captivating story to share.

Be sure to include the following (see checklist below). Aim for 400-600 words in total.

News Report Checklist:
Make sure that your report has included:
Headline – something catchy
Byline – your reporting name
Lead – should be at least 200 words and answer the 5 Ws (who, what,
where, when, why)
Quotations – include quotes directly from the play
Body – additional information that you feel is useful to the story
Language – clear, concise language free of grammatical errors
Transitions – smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs
A photograph with a Caption
MLA format
Total length of the report should be between 400 – 600 words

Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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