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Discussion Board Assignments

Discussion Board Assignments


For these assignments you will be posting and commenting on news stories from REPUTABLE national/international news sources (see below for more information).


What is a “REPUTABLE” news source?!?


A reputable news source is one with a high degree and long history of fact checking and general accuracy in reporting the news.  These include:


·   The Wall Street Journal·   Los Angeles Times·   MSNBC
·   CNN·   Washington Post·   The Palm Beach Post
·   FoxNews·   New York Post·   The Miami Herald
·   New York Times·   USA Today·   The Sun Sentinel
·   BBC·   SKY News·   Chicago Tribune


News sources that are NOT acceptable for this assignment include, but are not limited to:

  • Blogs
  • Small, or unknown, local news outlets (local news papers, etc).
  • Social Media posts


General Directions

  • There are two parts to this assignment:
    • Part 1 – post a news article related to the discussion topic.  See details below.
    • Part 2 (24 hours AFTER posting part 1) – post a reply to another student’s news article, analyzing that article.  See details below.
  • NOTE:  Failure to follow all discussion board assignment rules is likely to result in earning zero points for the assignment.

Part 1 Details:Find a News Story

Find, post a link to, and summarize a news story related to the discussion topic.


  1. Find a news story (written or video clip), from a REPUTABLE news source, about the topic.
  • News stories cannot be more than 2 years old.
  • Remember to post a story that HAS NOT previously been posted.
  1. Put the title of your article/video clip at the top of your post.
  2. Copy and paste the link to your news story just below the title.
  • The link must take the reader to the full article, not a summary or subscription login page.
  1. In 3-5 sentences (one paragraph) summarize what the story is about.
    1. Do not write too much!  Be specific and to the point J




Discussion Board Assignments (continued)


Part 2 Details:  Partially Analyze Someone Else’s Posted News Story

NOTE:  Don’t forget to wait 24 hours after posting Part 1.


Use one or two class concepts to analyze a small portion of someone else’s posted news story.

  1. Reply to someone else’s posted news story.
    1. At the top of your reply mention the class-concept(s) you are going to use in your analysis and define them!
      1. Use a You MAY NOT use general concepts like “ethics” or “global business”.  Instead, use more specific concepts or theories (e.g., fairness in the workplace, trade inhibitors, etc).
      2. Pick ONE instance, action, or situation WITHIN the story and write 3-5 sentences analyzing how your chosen class concept(s) can be used to explain what is going on.
    2. Your analysis must have the following:
      1. The concept(s) you use must be related to the topic of the discussion.
    3. Your Part 2 must be ORIGINAL TO THE THREAD – A thread includes all posts replying to a posted article.
      1. This means you may not post about the same class concept as someone else in the same news story– although you MAY use the same concept to analyze some other situation in someone else’s posted news story!


Please see the rubric (posted with the discussion on Canvas) for more information, and let me know if you have any questions.


Good luck!


Last Updated on March 14, 2019

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