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Sensationalism and the Media

Theme: Sensationalism and the Media

While sensationalism of the media used to be left to news companies, it seems that more than ever, fans have become the one’s that shape stories. In fact, as discussed in class, Guy DeBord, coined the term “Society of the Spectacle” a theory that connects to fans and their obsession with the immediacy or what he calls the “eternal present”.

With the growth and speed of social media, do you agree with DeBord’s “Society of the Spectacle” theory? Do you agree that mediums of communication have begun to impact sports more than ever?

Reviewing the articles and videos I have shared (or finding a video or article on your own regarding the same topic), provide a one and half or two-page personal opinion as to whether or not you agree with DeBord, that we have become a society that is obsessed with immediacy or what he calls the “eternal present” which may lead to a manipulation of the facts.

For example, can you think of a sports story that may not have been discussed in the news but because of social media, the story was brought to the forefront? Or can you think of a sports story that should not have garnered so much attention, but because of social media and/or news media, the story was blown out of proportion?

When providing your opinion, be sure to provide facts to support your opinion. Also, do not just simply provide a summary of events, rather provide a professional and personal commentary on what has occurred and what you do or do not believe.

Last Updated on February 11, 2019

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