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The Feldman Method

Examine the painting “The Raft of Medusa” and write a paper using the Feldman Method (4 Stages). Stage 1) Discuss Description: The description is related to the Subject of the work of art, basically writing down what is seen without judgement. There should be enough information in the description so that someone reading it without looking at the work of art could imagine it in their mind. Describe the elements of art you see, shape, value, texture, color, and form. Stage 2) Analysis: How the artist used the Principles of Design to organize the Elements of Art. Like What colors the artist used?
How do they relate to each other. What shapes are used? How do they contrast? What are the lines like? How do they relate to each other? How is value contrast used? Does the artist create a sense of three-dimensionality? If so how? DId the artist create a sense of space? If so how did he do this, if not why not? Stage 3) Interpretation: Discuss the content of the art work. Explain the feelings and sensations while viewing the work of art. Is there a big idea? How does the artwork connect with your knowledge of life?
Stage 4) Judgement: Base the judgement on earlier observations using at least one of the philosophies below. Make sure to clearly state whether you think the work of art criticized is a great work of art, good work of art or not a good work of art based on your observation and not personal preferences. Use either Formalism, Expressivism, or Instrumentalism.

Attached is the Painting of the Raft of Medusa and more information on the Feldman Method.

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